Some of the provisioned and recommended online resources, contents, ICT services and facilitations are listed here.
We support both Open Source and Closed Source software as long as they support / allow co-existence and as long as they do not go evil.

Provided through the involvement of school or by staff.

  • Google for Education [For existing Students and staff only] – (Contact School Office)
  • Microsoft Education [For existing Students and staff only] – (Contact School Office)
  • GitHub for Education [For existing Students and staff only] – (Contact School Office)
  • ICT-OS Customized Ubuntu Operating system built by Staff: Johnson Dcunha
  • NaraviHS app for Android Phones.
  • SANKA – App by Johnson for ASCII – Unicode conversion of Kannada.
  • OER.One for interactive educational contents by Johnson Dcunha.
  • Science Subject Portal at NaraviHS
  • portal – ICT related website published by Johnson Dcunha

  • PhET interactive simulations. (Apart from content usage, staff involvement (Johnson Dcunha) is limited to translation of contents to Kannada)

Provided through external resources. [indirect involvement so far, or a recommendation.]

  • LibreOffice – A Free and Open source Office Suite (As Microsoft education facility does not cover offline office suite)
  • FileZilla or WinSCP – A Free and Open source FTP client
  • Diksha – A Free learning App for Android Phone and Desktop PC
  • VSDC Video Editor – A free feature rich and simple video editor. & for converting video formats, VSDC Video Converter – A simple video converter
  • itsFOSS for all linux and OpenSource information.

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